Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wheeeeew. Finally.

All right, I think this will be the last MAJOR template change, at least for a while. I liked the last one (the orange one), but I had a lot of trouble fiddling with the HTML, and for some reason, I don't have as much trouble fiddling with the templates designed by this particular designer. And I like the nice, clean, black lines, for now.

Thank you all for your patience during my virtual renovations (the real renovations begin on Saturday, as Al and I totally gut our bathroom, hallway and my office and revamp them in one week. So posts will be iffy. Until then, I am working like a madwoman to get stuff up online for your shopping delight!).

There are already new designs available at Cafe Press in the graphics section (some GREAT clocks -- I am very excited about them), and there will soon be new paintings up on Etsy, which, you'll remember, still has the Paint and Ink name.

Lots of color and paint and fabric and packages and excitement around here these days... more details to come! Soon, very soon, I promise.

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