Thursday, October 05, 2006

Art Supply Addictions

This is a very funny posting about art supply addictions from a messageboard on Canadian artist Violette's site. Violette's art is beautiful and inspiring, and her blog is a delightful, glittery, magical journey. If I'm down at all, I read her site for a cheerful pick-me-up that never fails. Take a look.

I admit that I personally have massive amounts of art supplies... but what I find is that everything gets used in some capacity, eventually. I have no shame.


This kaleidoscope creator is as good as the Jackson Pollack site. I wish I could give credit for who directed me to the kaleidoscope creator, but I bookmarked it a while ago and just rediscovered it yesterday.


As for other things, I am not really satisfied with the look of this new template -- it looks too old for my tastes, as in how websites looked 7 or 8 years ao. Yeah, I know, like that was so long ago. But in the internet world, it might as well be prehistoric.

Getting all nostalgic here: I remember my dad's first modem at work, which was one of those slabs with two round spots on it, and you took the old phone receiver and placed it on the two round spots. Like this one:

I also remember the first time I ever heard the words "electronic mail" -- I was on a tour of the University of Pennsylvania campus and the guide, a student, said, "Oh, yeah, most of us students have electronic mail now." It made an impression because I remember just nodding my head sagely as if I knew what she was talking about, and meantime, thinking, "What the hell is that?" I was too shy to ask. By the time I actually arrived at USC (the school I chose), in 1993, "e-mail" was already the preferred term. But it was still a novelty, and most of us only checked it once a week or so. Only one person I knew actually had a modem in his dorm room -- in fact, many people didn't even have computers. They used the computer lab. By the time I graduated 4 years later, I was using internet research pretty frequently in my paper-writing, and by the time I worked as a features reporter for the South Bay Weekly (which no longer exists, apparently) two years after that, I started all my research for stories by going online first. But, as I recall, I kept a list in Word of my favorite websites.

And now, I actually have two online businesses, two blogs, and a bookmark list that threatens to jump out of the computer and take over the world -- and it's all been such an adventure and I'm so glad I can take part.

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