Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Obligatory "Excuse Our Dust" Browser-Switch Announcement

UPDATED: to add that I have changed my display name to "paintandink," so everyone will recognize me. I hope. Do you know who I am?


Well, I guess it's not really obligatory, but I've seen a lot of them.

This is an apologetic announcement to all my friends in blog-o-land that I've reluctantly switched browsers (from my wonderful Firefox to Camino, because Firefox was crashing repeatedly on my Mac. Seems this is not an uncommon problem when people use Firefox on a Mac, and I was unable to find a consensus about the cause, but that's not the announcement...).

Regrettably, my live bookmarks aren't working on Camino, so I am switching all of my regular blogs -- all of the bookmarks I wanted to keep, actually -- to Google Reader. I much prefer visiting actual blogs themselves over going to a reader, but it's difficult without live bookmarks to streamline the process. Otherwise, I have to check every single blog every single day, and I am just not able to do that. So I have great faith that Google Reader* will ultimately help streamline my blog-checking and turn me into a better blog friend!

But it's taking time, because I have bookmarked hundreds of blogs over the years, and I must move them over one at a time. So please, bear with me, and forgive me. I promise, I haven't forgotten you.

* Bloglines never really caught on with me, and Google Reader seems even more inconvenient to use, but I am a big fan of Google's services, so I am willing to try in the interest of keeping my online activities integrated.

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Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Google reader? I'll have to look into that! I'm on blog catalog but its still hard to keep up with everyone.