Friday, October 17, 2008

Cherry-Picking, #3: The King of Cambodia

Today's interesting fact from my life:

I met the King of Cambodia once.

It was just before the wedding of his granddaughter. There were a few dozen of us. We had to kneel down on the ground (against my principles, but the combination of curiosity and the need to be polite in someone else's home is a potent mix) in the palace hall.

He walked down the line of kneeling people and held each of our hands for a moment, then left. I don't remember him saying anything.

His hands were very soft.

It felt strangely like being in church, receiving some sort of benediction.

The whole trip was slightly surreal.

1 comment:

Rowena said...

I can't believe you met the King of Cambodia.

He needs a beer, I think. And cut off jeans. And maybe a game of water tag. I don't know. Something.