Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Weaving Our Home Back Together

You know how you never really notice how things were until they've changed?

I had no idea exactly how far-reaching the chaos caused by our renovations stretched. But we do live in a small house and removing all the furniture from one room meant the rest of the house had to be almost entirely rearranged. Not only that, but the armoire that I had been using as an art supply cabinet is taking back its place as a "china/tablecloth" cabinet in the dining room (only I would use a china cabinet in an office, an armoire in a dining room and a dresser in the living room. Although the last one is just temporary.).

Now we are slowly putting the house back together. And what surprises me the most is how good this makes me feel. Just to be able to put the placemats in one place, and the tablecloths in that same place... that's serenity. I feel so much calmer already. And I didn't even realize how un-calm I really was.

It will take us a week or so to get it all back, but I'll post a few "corners of my home" pictures then.

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