Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Madness, Mayhem and Merriness

It's been such an insanely busy month, with demanding renovations, haphazard redecorating, massive housecleaning, messy furniture refinishing, delightful family visits, lovely holiday barbecues and so forth that I have been left with very little time to draw or paint. Perhaps that's no excuse, but I have not yet perfected the skill of carving time out for myself when there are other pressing demands. I am still having trouble thinking of this as REAL and WORK, which must be a priority, and not PLAY, which is not allowed except when everything else is done. I let myself be pulled away too easily. However, all of these events have actually been great fun, if a bit stressful, and I filled with inspiration.

In spite of the recent schedule, I won't leave you empty-handed (or empty-sighted). This is a watercolor I did a few years back and have loved ever since. I keep it on the wall to cheer me up. I can almost feel a warm summer breeze, smell the grass and hear kids playing when I look at it.

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