Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back in Time

I've spent a great deal of the day balancing the checkbook, so I went to my old sketchbook for today's post. Most aren't dated, but I think these are mostly from circa 2000. I went through a somewhat intense period of drawing back then, before I decided it was a waste of time because it was too late for me to be an artist, especially with no formal arts education.

I am so glad to be back.

I like this girl, because she's reading the way I read, if I am sitting at a table. Her hand looks like she was stung by a bee, though. Poor thing.

I do like this drawing, but didn't do so well on the face. I get frustrated with faces, and unless I'm copying from a photograph, as I did with these, I don't do well with figures, either. I think a Life Drawing course is in order.

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