Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Totally Called That.

I rarely read fashion magazines any more, and I don't go clothes shopping often, but it's no secret that there are quite a few 80s styles back around. Belted sweaters, oversized purses, and teal-colored things. I even predicted a while back that we'd see side ponytails soon, and I did, the other day (on someone young enough to be my daughter, really, if I'd had a kid at 16, which means that girl wasn't even alive in the 80s) but that's nothing to brag about -- I figure anyone who watched Napoleon Dynamite could have called that one.


I've been joking for months that pretty soon, people would start pegging their pants again (a technique that I polished, although didn't perfect, in middle school). I did it myself one day to prove the point, but I love my boot-cut jeans, and they just don't peg well. Such a pity. I didn't get more than three steps away before they fell apart.

But never fear. Someone else will always be around to catch the fashion bouquet when I cannot.

My friend Laurie called me this week, delighted to tell me she had just seen someone with pegged jeans.

Yeah, I totally called that.

What next? Two neon t-shirts, with the sleeves rolled up? Huge scrunchy socks? Mile-high hair (I haven't even owned a curling iron in a decade, but I know my mom still has my hair crimper)?

I've reached a point in life where my personal style is fairly established, and I'm not sure that it meshes all that well with these old 80s trends, but if those painter's pants covered in paint splatters come back, I'm there. Then I wouldn't even have to change my clothes before going out in public.

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