Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fortunate Tidings

This was my fortune from the cookie I just pulled out of the pantry.


Ah, yes, well, you know, what can I say? I have vision. Not very good vision, though, which is why I have new contact lenses.

Regarding roller derby, let me direct you to this roster that Cat posted in her comment; it offers info on both flat and banked track roller derby leagues around the world. (Thanks, Cat). I totally mean it when I say go see a bout for yourself.

(And thank you to all the roller derby skaters who've come to visit my blog.)

And now, drum roll, please...

... I did it. I finished the first draft about 10 minutes ago, by the end of February, as promised, with 52,056 words, which means that I wrote exactly 6,000 words today. It may be very short, for a novel, and it's not false humility when I say that it isn't very good, but I accomplished exactly what I intended: to
"WRITE A NOVEL, even if it’s a very bad and very short one." And really, it's just a first draft, after all.

I'm so damn proud of myself that I'm taking myself to that corporate coffee place now to celebrate.

What baffles and amazes and amuses me is this: It took me 12 years to start something I finished in 24 days.

Yeah, so if you're thinking of writing a novel, just do it. (Like I'm suddenly an expert or something.)

In case you're numerically curious, here's the breakdown, although it's not entirely accurate, because I forgot to record the word count a few days in the first week.
Feb. 5: 2,177
Feb. 6: 4,271
Feb. 11: 10,548
Feb. 12: 13,761
Feb. 13: 17,382
Feb. 16: 20,617
Feb. 18: 23,286
Feb. 20: 26,611
Feb: 22: 31,150
Feb. 23: 35,088
Feb. 24: 38,393
Feb. 25: 40,983
Feb. 26: 44,071
Feb. 27: 46,056
Feb. 28: 52,056

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get the hell away from this computer.


Crashdummie said...

Gotto love those fortune cookies ;)

Hey congrats Allison. But, what’s the novel called? And what’s it about? Don’t say I have to wait till it gets published!


Anonymous said...

"my daughter the writer" I am very proud of you!

paintandink said...

Crashie, no name yet. And no one's allowed to read it for a long time, including my husband, but should it get to a state where it's readable, I'll send a copy your way! Hey, it's just a first draft!

And, Mama, thank you!

carolyn said...

Well done, amazing achievement.

Talia said...

WOW! You're a machine - that's a lot of writing in a short space of time. You must be very creative. Well done!!!