Monday, October 03, 2011

Yer Verrry Own Treasure Island, Matey

I am very excited to share my latest offerings, in the works for a long time: custom 8" x 10" initial-shaped treasure maps! These are original watercolor maps, customized in multiple ways, starting with any letter of the alphabet, to make the perfect gift for your favorite swashbuckler or pirate of any age. Perfect for kids or adults as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and holiday gifts.

Please allow four weeks for completion (order now to beat the holiday rush!). More details here.

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Hannah Thomson said...

Awesome use of the map, have you thought of turning Tiagan's Reef into a 3D Relief Map like these?,+Guides,+Globes,+Gifts/3D+Relief+Maps/list/f1-f2 Granted these are a bit more complicated, but a few pop up mountains will bring it to life.