Sunday, January 30, 2011

You'd Be Home By Now

The Sketchbook Project turned out, more than I even hoped, to be just what I needed to jumpstart my creativity. Not only has sketching become an integral part of my daily life in a way that it wasn't before (and why not?), but as a result, I am feeling re-energized and am swimming in ideas for new artwork. I plan to have some new pieces up in the Interimaginational shop in the very near future.

Benefits aside, it was a fun project to work on, in and of itself. Here's a sampling from my sketchbook:

I opted to have my sketchbook officially digitized, so the complete book will be available online on one of the official sites (I'll add a link and instructions when I know where to send you), and of course, you can always go visit it at the Brooklyn Art Library or any one of the stops on the nationwide tour (along with 20,000+ of my sketchbook's closest friends!).

(Ahem, I have just realized my sketchbook will be going to Austin during South by Southwest before I do myself...)


Lauren / silentlanguages said...

What lovely maps -- that sounds like something lovely to hold and flip through, dreaming of places both near and far, real and imaginary.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Barbara said...

ALISON !! I can't wait to see this ! SO cool- you create beautiful art.