Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have just written out some very specific resolutions and goals for 2011,
but they can pretty much be summed up like this:

To live joyfully and to dwell in possibilities.

I hope 2011 is a wonderful, magical, happy year for you and yours.


Pen and Paperie said...


My goals include living in the moment and pursuing what makes me smile...whether for a moment or a lifetime...

Jen said...

I just happened on your blog when looking for ideas for my son's explorer birthday party that are NOT Dora related. It was kind of a fun surprise to click on a link and find another etsy mom. Congratulations on your little boy- you might want to consider an explorer birthday party in a few years too. :)

Andrea said...

ah, another sketchbooker. and someone else who chose the mystery maps...yours are so much more mysterious than mine. It was so much fun though~