Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Simply exCITing!

With a million thanks to Jennifer DeDonato of Colorfly Studio, I've discovered that my Kingdom of Imagination print is included in a post on affordable art for kids' rooms on Real Simple's Simply Stated blog.

(Insert my excited gasps here!)

It's about halfway down, right under some really cool paintings of PEZ dispensers, number four in that batch.

Real Simple is, like, only one of my favorite magazines. How simply wonderful!


In other simplicity news, I'm slowly moving all of my posts over from the RadioGirl Designs blog. This will be the main blog for now, until such time that I move everything again, I hope to my own website-to-be, but I hereby reserve the right to be indecisive. For now, I will leave some duplicate posts, so I can keep the comments.


Crashdummie said...

ooooooooooooh Pez, wanna see! Did i tell u i have a rather big collection of them ;)

hope easter was good Al!

paintandink said...

Thanks, Crashie! It was great -- I hope yours was, as well! Saw more ice skating -- and waved to you again.

Jeannine said...

Many many congratulations! Very exciting (and well deserved) recognition!

Hope all is well!


Merisi said...

Congratulations, you earned that spot (and more!).

I have come by so often, didn't leave a comment because I always had to get off before finishing reading.

Have a wonderful weekend!

tinker said...

I'm just now catching back up with you - and I'm excited for you, Alison - Congratulations! That is exciting news - what a happy way for you to start off this spring!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on the publicity.

Merisi said...

Did you know that Pez was invented by an Austrian? I remember eating Pez candy as a child, having them fly right into my mouth from a cartoon Pez dispenser. Those were the days ... ;-)