Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trees and Branches

I've been hard at work on a detailed business plan for weeks now -- it's the perfect thing to do while I can't paint or glue or have all my computer tools hooked up. And as I've been writing, which has been an incredible exploration of my plans and hopes for RadioGirl Designs and for myself, the one thing I've had trouble with was keeping all of the "branches" of my business in mind at once. That is, while I have been able to focus on details at length, I haven't been able to see the forest for the trees. Or... make that... see the tree for the branches.

So I decided to develop a visual business plan -- something I could hang on the wall and take in all at once without having to delve into pages of details. This is the prototype. I am very pleased with it and wanted to share.

Forgive me for blurring out the words on the leaves. I am not being secretive, just sensitive. The branches of this business are still in the very early development stage, and I just want to nurture them a little bit longer before exposing them to close scrutiny.

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