Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Turn over that little pail and give me a drumroll, please...

A big thank you to everyone who signed up for my Etsyversary celebration giveaway, and thank you for the wonderful recipe suggestions.

Your names went into my happy new little blue bucket (from the Dollar Spot at Target...I try to not even look in that direction as I walk in the door, but they make it nearly irresistible when they have lovely things like this):

My husband was at work, and the cat doesn't have opposable thumbs, much to his chagrin, so I had to hold the pail out with one head, turn my head, scrunch my eyes closed, and draw out a name with the other hand:

Congratulations, Summer! Wishing you happy travels and many wonderful adventures with your Kingdom of Delight map!
And, while I'm at it, thank you to the three who signed up for part 2 of The Great Book Giveaway...

The winner of these three books is Marissa of Mama Sparkles, and they are on their way to you! I hope these books bring you much joy!

More giveaways coming this summer! These have been great fun for me, and I hope for you too, because I have lots more goodies to give away. I mean, lots and lots and lots.

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Marissa said...

Thank you so much for the books! They are wonderful :)