Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shiny Happy Things

Almost two month agos, I entered a giveaway at the Etsy Chainmaillers Guild blog and then promptly forgot about it.

It isn't so much that I enter so many giveaways that I can't keep track, because I rarely do. It's just, I'm easily distracted by shiny things* so when I saw the link on Twitter, I followed it, and I voted, because I love to vote. And then I was distracted by other shiny things, and so it goes. This is my life, folks. I am rarely bored.

Then I got an email from Marion of Marion's Dream Works to tell me that I had one won one of her necklaces.

Well. Speaking of shiny things.

This photograph doesn't even begin to do this necklace justice, and neither can I.

It is gorgeous. It is stunning.

In fact, there's only one way to explain how beautiful this necklace is, and that's to admit that, while I had fun browsing the entries in the competition, I don't know that I would ever have purchased a piece of chainmaille jewelry for myself. (I wear so little jewelry and there's a lot of competition out there...)

So I was pleased when Marion emailed me for my address, but, well, then I was distracted again and forgot again. And then, because we were out and about, I finally picked the package up from the post office yesterday, and opened it in the car in the afternoon sun.


Between the flexible links and the crystal at the center, this necklace sparkles. It glows. It actually dances in the light.

Argh. I told you words wouldn't be enough. But I tell you, I am in awe. This necklace (another of which can be found here) begs for a black-dress occasion to do it justice.

Thank you so much, Marion. I will wear it with delight.

*As is my husband, which is why "Shiny things," plus a shrug,
is all you need to say to explain why you're not paying attention in our house,
and forgiveness is usually forthcoming.
Incidentally, even my husband, who went with me to the post office,
was oohing and aahing over this necklace.


Marion's Dream Works said...

Congrats again on winning this necklace. I'm very happy to hear that you like it. Thank you for the wonderful write up on your blog. Enjoy!

Jessica Doyle said...

We artists are driven to distraction more than any other...

It's a beautiful necklace and your story is wonderful!