Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dreamworld: what I saw on my way to the city

I acquired* an Etsy treasury this morning. I planned to call it "worldbuilding" and make a visual map of sorts, but as is the way of things, it took on a life of its own, with a title of its own, and turned into a more of a story than a map. But one reads a map and one goes through a story, so they are, after all, related. I hope you enjoy this one.

* Ah, "acquired." So much more elegant than "snagged," don't you think? What do you mean, pretentious? Well, I can be pretentious if I want, because I balance it out with jeans and cowboy boots and drinking wine out of orange juice glasses.


Lauren said...

What a great collection. I especially love that first one of the castle. Beautiful.

KJ said...

Lovely treasury! I love how the colors in the pieces you chose aren't the same, but they flow as if they were (if that make any sense). It all fits without being too matchy. (Like, not to be mean, but some treasuries seem as if the curator just searched for the word "red" and chose the first 12 things that popped up.)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the sweet comments you left at my blog, especially the one about bringing joy to the world. It's been a very difficult time for me, and some days, I'd honestly rather curl up in bed and take a nap than paint or blog, but this world has enough bad stuff in it...the idea that I'm able to put a little bit of good back out there, even while my own life is in a bit of turmoil, is enough to make me want to skip the nap and get out the paintbrushes. Thanks so much for the encouragement. - KJ

tinker said...

Unfortunately, either the Treasury page has expired by the time I reached it, or else Etsy is meditating (I loved that they actually had that as an automatic response option!)
I don't think 'acquired' sounds 'pretentious' at all. I'm as guilty as anyone else of being sloppy with my words, and slinging slang about...but I have to agree, that 'acquired,' does sound much more elegant and pleasant, than 'snagged' (which always makes me think of runs in pantyhose).
Also, whatever keeps the wine from spilling, works for me ;)