Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Insert Cheesy Title Here, Like...



"The Tides of Change"


"The Winds of Change"

or (my favorite)

"A Rolling Blog Gathers No Moss"

etc., etc.

My original intent in having two blogs was to keep business and personal life separate, but the truth is that I don't necessarily want to do that, as an artist. I'm actually doing my best to live an integrated, whole life. So I am combining my blogs, slowly moving posts from this one to The Radiogirl Reports, which will be my main place until I get a web site up and running. I know that it still isn't the good old Paint&Ink blog, but it seems to be the best solution for now - so many blogging friends visit me there, and I hesitate to move out of two blogs at once.

(I feel like I should send out change-of-address cards.)

I will leave the posts with comments here in duplicate, because I can't copy comments nor can I import them, and I will also leave the post about the starry table, since so many people seem to find their way to that one (makes me proud!) but from this point forth, please look to my other blog for new posts, as well as all of the posts from both blogs. It won't be an overnight change, but it is already about 30 percent done.

I look forward to seeing you over there!

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tinker said...

Hi Alison - for some reason I can't seem to get your other blog page to come up when I click on the link here - can you send me your url? I'd like to stay in touch - hope all is well with you!