Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things to Do, All Over the Place, When You're Dead.

Is it right to steal a title from a movie I haven't seen?

No matter, I just had to share this reassuring CNN article. I think it's especially funny that they put it in the ... LIVING... section of the site.

Personally, I am not fond of the art exhibit idea. I've never much liked being stared at.

Actually, I'm torn between cremation and being buried under a tree as fertilizer. Not an apple tree, because I'm a bit skeeved by the idea of people eating my body, but perhaps a lovely oak, or something along those lines, and then I could find my way into an heirloom piece of furniture. On the other hand, I do like the idea of being cremated as a power source and perhaps providing the light for another artist to work in the studio.

Okay, this is getting weird.


Merisi said...

I skipped the link,
'nough read between your lines.-)

If I remember correctly, it was the New York Times who came up with the term "LIVING Section" - to place the obituaries in (well, among other scary things *grin*). I wonder if there's a website out there, where these absolutely essential informations are being collected. ;-)

Angel said...

I'm going the fertilizer route. The thought of being pumped full of chemicals just so people can spend an extra five days staring at my waxy face is just downright creepy.

(I'm occasionallbrill, peeking through your blog...because I like blogs. Blogs should be read. And my punctuation needs some time off.)