Monday, December 10, 2007

Once a story-teller...

I hereby nominate artlife's thread on the Etsy forums as the best Etsy forum thread ever. She asked sellers to make a story from their items. The posts are hugely entertaining, and I hope people will keep adding to this thread, because I want more stories to read! Go check it out...

Mine is:

paintandink says:
Last year, we went for a voyage on our little schooner:

To track the migration pattern of the orange-scaled sea serpent:

but the magnetic pole shifted, and we got lost:

and were shipwrecked on the perilous rocks of a forgotten island:

where we found lots of treasure and ate mangoes until we were rescued by a brig:

and dropped off in the Realm of Good Cheer:

where we bought ourselves a new schooner:

and some prime real estate, too:

And that's what I did on my summer vacation.

In other Interimaginational Institute news, it's been a whirlwind few weeks... one of my treasure maps (similar to the one here) was featured in the Etsy Finds newsletter (what an honor!), which set off an unexpected cascade of sales and kept me bustling on the afternoon of the very first morning of my new part-time job. It was quite mayhem-ish and sleepless here in the studio, but it was also oh-so-wonderful to feel so loved.

There are still plenty of wonderful items in the shop, though, and I'm working busily to replenish the "shelves," so please stop in and take a look. You may just find the perfect gift for your favorite swashbuckler, buccaneer, pirate, prince, princess, troubadour or story-teller.

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