Friday, November 02, 2007

The Perfect Souvenir

Who could imagine going on a trip to new and exciting (or even old and familiar) lands without bringing back a little memento or two, for yourself or for the people who kept the home fires burning?

Now you can even bring back souvenirs from your journeys into story and fable. Introducing my new line of magnets from imaginary places:

Treasure Map Circles Magnet Set

Happiness and Zest Magnet Sets

Fairy Tale Kingdom Magnet Set

Monster & Island Magnet (in use)

Lands of Happiness Magnet Set

Magnet Collection

The images are fragments from reproductions of my original watercolors. They are decoupaged onto wood, in most cases hand-painted or hand-stained (but some are left natural), and a strong round magnet is attached to the back. Some will be available in sets while others will stand alone, and there will be a variety of sizes and prices.

I will be reserving most of them to take with me to the Handmade Parade on November 10, but a selected few are already available in the shop. Please take a look!

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