Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And now back...

... to regularly scheduled programming. It's terrific to be up and about... that's the best thing about catching a bug. Getting better and appreciating it.

Today, I finished a painting that I had been working on for almost exactly one year (a good part of which it was hanging on our dining room wall while I contemplated what it needed to be finished). I can't post photographs yet, because it has to go to the people who commissioned it last June, and they should be the first to see it. But I am very pleased with it. It finally looks, what's the word? Cohesive.

I am working on prints of the maps, not to mention more maps, because, you know, it's a big imaginary world out there and someone's gotta chart it (I'll let you know as soon as they're available).

In other news, Victoria magazine is coming back. This is splendid; I can add to the collection I started when I stole the four-year-old copies I found at the doctor's office. (In truth, I did ask first.) If I had known they were going to stop publishing, I would have kept all my own old copies instead of cutting them up. Nobody tells me anything (or asks my permission, for that matter).

Also, here's another fun make-your-own-art site to fool around on, wasting time or being inspired, depending on your perspective. If your family scold you for spending too much time on the computer, though, don't point your finger at me. Blame my mother; she sent me the link. Hi Mom!

And if you really want some inspiration, try this. I'm not sure how I feel about this painting, because I have an excellent sense of taste and I can taste them both, all of a sudden.

Right now, all I can think of is Mr. Carpenter scolding Emily for using too many italics. And did you know there's an anime version of Emily of New Moon?


Crashdummie said...

Just remember to post a pic of your work when you can - totally looking forward to see it :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about the return of Victoria...I can hardly wait!!

carolyn said...

Hi Alison sorry to hear that you have been unwell but glad to know that you will be up for the bachelor party sounds like fun. I had forgotten all about Pocahontas she is actually on the village sign at Heacham I will try and get a photograph to post next time I'm through that way. (Have to say it is unlikely to be soon as that road gets soo very congested in the summer). Poor girl didn't last long after coming to England.